British Standards Investigations offers objective independent analytical inspections for textile, fabrics, manmade and natural stones, dust contaminations and mould and mildew related complaints.


We are experts in our discipline and as such we are able to offer professional definitive determinations that will withstand the most vigorous of challenges.

We are here to support you in your ongoing case from the initial inspection through to official court mediation and or court appearances should it be deemed necessary.

We look forward to assisting you with our comprehensive industry knowledge, experience and expertise.  

British Standards Inspections offer full transparency.

Whether we are conducting a complaints investigation or offering advice through our consultation services we endeavour to make our clients aware at all times of any potential conflict of interest concerns. 

For purposes of clarification please be advised that we are an independent complaints consultancy named as British Standards Inspections and we have no affiliation with the BSI Group (British Standards Institution).

The BSI Group (British Standards Institution) is the national standards body of the United Kingdom.


Our testing procedures are carried out in accordance with the exacting standards established by the BSI Group ensuring that any testing carried out by ourselves is recognised and reliable.

Please email us with your enquiry and provide us with a convenient time in which to call you back.

Please allow between 20 -40 minutes for the initial consultation. 

tel: 01865 704 081 / 01869 347 450

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