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‘In cases of dispute, it is strongly advised that the claimant appoints a registered and certified independent inspector of their own choosing in order to obtain a completely unbiased interpretation of the evidence available during the onsite inspection and to ensure that professional reporting is achieved, ultimately documenting the fundamental particulars of any given complaint.


If a published Inspection Report is to confidently withstand vigorous examination, as typically delivered during County Court proceedings it is absolutely essential that an industry accredited and recognised Complaints Inspector is selected. It is our opinion that incompetent 'experts' are far more detrimental to any ongoing case than non-expert witnesses.

Absolute independence and in-depth investigations are the key to any successful claim of compensation.


The onsite inspections performed by British Standards Inspections typically take between 1 -2 hours to complete and the necessary background research, scientific testing and report writing significantly longer. This level of detail and comprehensive approach to complaints is absolutely essential if successful outcomes are to be achieved.'

British Standards Inspections offer full transparency.

Whether we are conducting a complaints investigation or offering advice through our consultation services we endeavour to make our clients aware at all times of any potential conflict of interest concerns. 

For purposes of clarification please be advised that we are an independent complaints consultancy named as British Standards Inspections and we have no affiliation with the BSI Group (British Standards Institution).

The BSI Group (British Standards Institution) is the national standards body of the United Kingdom.


Our testing procedures are carried out in accordance with the exacting standards established by the BSI Group ensuring that any testing carried out by ourselves is recognised and reliable.

Please email us with your enquiry and provide us with a convenient time in which to call you back.

Please allow between 20 -40 minutes for the initial consultation. 

tel: 01865 704 081 / 01869 347 450

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Please email us with your enquiry and provide us with a convenient time in which to call you back. Please allow between 20 - 40 minutes for the initial consultation.

tel:  01865 704 081 

      01869 347 450