We are proud to offer our customers a highly advanced and truly professional rug repair, restoration and stain removal service. 



We are extensively experienced in all aspects of Rug repairs. We routinely carry out repairs on even the most intricate and challenging of examples.


We can repair any rug suffering from physical or chemical damage. Our repairs include intricate weaving practices. We are able to source the exact colour matched yarns from our overseas contacts.


Our Rug Repair and Restoration Service is offered for, but not limited to, the following:


Scrim Replacement (Re-latex)

Braid Restitching / Repair

Side Cord Repair / Overcasting

Fringe / End Repair

Fringe Enhancement Treatment (Colour Optimisation)

Seam Repair

Pulled Loop Repair

Curled (Rippled) and Wrinkled Edges

White Knot Repairs / Blending


Dye Migration 

Regardless as to what initially caused the dye-migration (bleed) to occur, we have the necessary know-how and the required skill set to correct the complaint.

Bleach Damage Repairs

Accidents will happen; it is a frustrating inevitability of life. Often in an attempt to remove the soiling, staining or associated odours, inappropriate cleaning solutions or products maybe reached for, consequently, causing further damage.

Due to the aggressive chemistry of these products and the delicate nature of natural fibres the Rug / Carpet can exhibit a 'bleaching effect'.

In some circumstances, one or more of the dye compounds may be completely removed, leaving behind a dramatic and rather ugly spot (localised damage).

We have the knowledge, skill and expertise to repair such damage.

Utilising traditional techniques and having access to literally thousands of yarn samples (original) we can achieve outstanding physical repairs for bleach damaged carpets and rugs.

Insect Damage Repair and Treatment

In response to an ever-increasing occurrence, we offer an extremely effective Moth and Carpet Beetle eradication service.

We offer this professional service for every day and heritage assets alike.

Our textile Insect Pest Treatment pertains to the control of Pesticides Regulations Act 1986 (C.O.P.R)

Before concluding that a damaged carpet or rug is beyond repair please contact us to arrange a free, no obligation, survey. 


We have saved our clients a great deal of money by repairing damaged, fine machine and handmade rugs, despite the customer being previously advised that such examples of damage are beyond the reach of professional restoration.


All repair and restoration work is fully guaranteed for the life of the asset without exception.


A Rug Collection & Delivery Service is Available.



We are Specialist Rug Care Experts with extensive experience and having successfully undertaken comprehensive training with the world's renowned Rug Care Specialist, Ruth Travis, Denver, Colorado USA, we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of construction techniques, fibre type identification and how best to Clean, Restore and Protect fine rugs.


Our specialist rug stain removal treatments are suitable for all fine fibres and fabrics including Natural Fibred and Wool rich rugs and carpets. 


Typical soiling issues that we are able to successfully treat:

Greasy and Oil-Based Stains

Juice and Food Dye Stains

Coffee and Tea Stains

Wine Stains

Pet Stains and Odours

It is vitally important that stains are treated as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.

Our Rug Cleaning and Protection services are available for assets of heritage status.


We offer a range of Premium Rug Protection treatments that include

Stain Resistance, Allergy Reduction, Hygiene Protection and UV Protection (sun fade, reducing fabric degradation from Ultra Violet A and Ultra Violet B ).

All of our protective treatments will serve to increase the wearability of the asset by as much as 60%.


We also offer specialised treatments for DRY CLEAN ONLY items.

We hold an in-depth understanding of fibre & fabric care and protection procedures.

Our Rug Protection treatments are offered for both recently cleaned and newly purchased assets, helping to keep your cherished valuables pristine all year long.

A Rug Collection & Delivery Service is Available.


British Standards Inspections offer full transparency.

Whether we are conducting a complaints investigation or offering advice through our consultation services we endeavour to make our clients aware at all times of any potential conflict of interest concerns. 

For purposes of clarification please be advised that we are an independent complaints consultancy named as British Standards Inspections and we have no affiliation with the BSI Group (British Standards Institution).

The BSI Group (British Standards Institution) is the national standards body of the United Kingdom.


Our testing procedures are carried out in accordance with the exacting standards established by the BSI Group ensuring that any testing carried out by ourselves is recognised and reliable.

Please email us with your enquiry and provide us with a convenient time in which to call you back.

Please allow between 20 -40 minutes for the initial consultation. 

tel: 01865 704 081 / 01869 347 450

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Please email us with your enquiry and provide us with a convenient time in which to call you back. Please allow between 20 - 40 minutes for the initial consultation.

tel:  01865 704 081 

      01869 347 450