British Standards Inspections is currently operating with a 100% success rate.

A statistic that we are immensely proud of.

This success has been achieved by remaining truly professional and unquestionably independent in all aspects of our business.

All published reports and associated findings have withstood the most vigorous of examinations without any single aspect of our findings being successfully challenged. 


– November 2020

Mis-selling & Negligence


I wanted to write to you to let you know we have reached a settlement in respect of our furniture that was purchased from XXX and damaged by a cleaning process. As a result of your investigation, it was established that we were mis-sold the furniture in respect of the fabric composition.  XXX has offered to collect the furniture from us and refund the full purchase price. In addition to this, they have also offered to refund us the cost of two of the reports you prepared and give us 20% off a new sofa if we decide to purchase from them.


A few weeks ago, we settled with Mr XXX and he refunded us the money we paid for the cleaning process and the cost of the first report you prepared.


We honestly can’t thank you enough for the help and support you gave us which far exceeded the reports that we paid for.  From the outset, you came across as a true professional who was clearly passionate about the work that you do.  Nothing was too much trouble for you and you always made time to phone us to explain some of the technical language that was used in reports; as a consequence, I now have a much better understanding of fabrics.


Prior to contacting you, we felt abandoned and really didn’t know how to proceed with this matter.  We knew we had been wronged but kept coming up against brick walls in progressing our concerns.  As you know our furniture was purchased for over £6600 and was left ruined by the “professional” upholstery cleaner who subsequently learned he was not covered for negligence.


You have been a true professional and a gent to work with and want to offer our sincere thanks to you.  Please feel free to use this update as you see fit – we do not need it to be anonymised and are happy for future customers to contact us to check the authenticity of our update.  As you know, both served as police officers in Hampshire Constabulary for over 30 years and are so impressed with your investigative skills that we suggested you become a detective!


Very best wishes and sincere thanks to you."

Specific client details have been deliberately edited due to relevant sensitivities, Hampshire, UK

Tradesperson Activity Damage


The appointment of British Standards Inspections to carry out an independent inspection of our carpet, was, without doubt, the best decision made. Appearance of various carpet issues had been unexpected, and reasons were unclear. However, I instinctively knew this was not, as emphatically maintained by the national builder who supplied the carpet, 'normal wear and tear'.

The dispute with the national builder was entrenched. It was obvious they intended, whatever the cause, to avoid responsibility. The purchase of the carpet had been an 'upgrade' in a new build house purchase. Since this had been paid via a credit card, I sought redress via a section 75 claim against that financial institution.

The independent carpet inspector James O'Meara was extremely knowledgeable, and professional. He was determined to get to the bottom of seemingly unrelated performance issues such as: carpet ripples, or carpet rucking in a number rooms, and the ribbed and ridged appearance of the carpet in an unused bedroom. James spent considerable time undertaking a thorough investigation. More akin to a forensic scientist, he carefully gathered, and methodically recorded evidence to support his findings.

Numerous sites of carpet delamination were found, and James was able to put forward probable causes. The ridged appearance in the bedroom was related to a fault in the manufacturing process. The integrity of the fitting process was also in question, and may have played a part. This had all contributed to overall premature carpet wear.

The Independent Carpet Inspection report was comprehensive, and professionally produced. It is my belief that it's success lay in the attention to detail, and presentation of facts. Where relevant, British Standards and/or any Best Practices were referred to, adding weight. Well supported and conclusive, the inspection report left little or no room for dispute. It was unchallenged.

The credit card company commented upon the quality of the report saying: "The report has been excellently drawn up with sufficient findings and conclusions - the inspector has obviously conducted a very thorough investigation which is exactly what was needed." A positive decision quickly followed. This was a successful outcome to what had been a complex carpet complaint.

This testimonial is unusually long, I was simply too impressed to be brief. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of British Standards Inspections to others, and would certainly contact them again for assistance with any complaint/dispute about a carpet, or other textiles, in which they also have expertise."

Mrs Middleton, Leicestershire, UK

Soot Damage


A satisfactory financial settlement was achieved for extensive soot contamination. The investigative report produced by British Standards Inspections was instrumental in the success of our case."

Wai Kuen Rex, Kensington, Central London, England, London, UK

Performance and Appearance Query


“James from British Standards Inspections attended our property and carried out an inspection. James was extremely helpful, and we would be so happy to recommend him. "

Mr & Mrs Munday, Kent, England, London, UK

Damaged Product



The service provided by British Standards Inspections was professional and efficient at all times.

James O’Meara, the complaints inspector who dealt with my case was thorough and informative at every step of the process. There was a telephone conversation during which Mr O’Meara spent some time familiarising himself with the background to the problem and about the current situation. After reflecting on what was said he called me again before his visit to confirm that he was clear on the details of the problem and on how he should proceed. His inspection was unrushed. Every potential cause of the problem was investigated to establish exactly what had gone wrong. There were further telephone discussions after the inspection to clarify details and inform me of the findings. The report, which was completed and dispatched within a week, was very comprehensive. It clearly listed all aspects of the situation, pinpointed the cause of the problem, and stated what was required to correct it. Mr O’Meara was professional and polite at all times and I consider myself very lucky to have found such a proficient company to deal with my complaint."

Ms Paterson, Devon, England, UK

Wear and Protection Failure Investigation


British Standards Inspections completed an onsite inspection to investigate the suspected failure of a protective treatment. The service I received was professional and the inspection report was conclusive in its findings. "

Mr P Thomas, London, England, UK

Suspected Manufacturing Fault / Performance Failure


A fantastic report and arguably the best report I have seen in the 40 years I have been actively involved in the industry. "

D. Carroll, Swanley, England, UK

Product Performance Failure


Thank you for such a great report! More detail than expected, so we are very pleased. We will most certainly consider using British Standards Inspections should we need further assistance in the future. "

Customer Care Co-ordinator, Pentland Homes, Folkestone, England, UK

British Standards Inspections offer full transparency.

Whether we are conducting a complaints investigation or offering advice through our consultation services we endeavour to make our clients aware at all times of any potential conflict of interest concerns. 

For purposes of clarification please be advised that we are an independent complaints consultancy named as British Standards Inspections and we have no affiliation with the BSI Group (British Standards Institution).

The BSI Group (British Standards Institution) is the national standards body of the United Kingdom.


Our testing procedures are carried out in accordance with the exacting standards established by the BSI Group ensuring that any testing carried out by ourselves is recognised and reliable.

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Please email us with your enquiry and provide us with a convenient time in which to call you back. Please allow between 20 - 40 minutes for the initial consultation.

tel:  01865 704 081 

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