British Standards Inspections is currently operating at a 100% success rate.

A statistic that we are immensely proud of.

This success has been achieved by remaining truly professional and unquestionably independent in all aspects of our business.

All published reports and associated findings have withstood the most vigorous of examinations without any single aspect of our findings being successfully challenged. 

Upholstery Fabric


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Upholstery Fabric Testing

 It is a reasonable expectation that all fabric upholstered assets should be of satisfactory quality and fit for the intended purpose (classification) This ultimately means that upholstered surfaces should offer reasonable resilience and functional performance when exposed to the stresses of normal wear and tear.

A fabric should be fit for its intended purpose regardless of how attractive or luxurious the fabric is and certainly regardless of cost.

Premature fabric deterioration is typically cited as the causation of most upholstery fabric complaints.


Our complaint investigations are offered for but not limited to the following complaints:

  • Cleaner operator damage and or neglect

  • Surface damage

  • Colour (dye) transfer also known as Crocking

  • Mould and Mildew development

  • Fit for Purpose investigations and or claims of miss-selling

  • Physical and chemistry orientated damage investigations

  • Colour-Fastness testing (resilience to ultraviolet exposure)

  • Resilience to moisture contamination (including body fluids)

  • Textile pest insect contamination and testing

  • Protective treatment(s) -including soil-retardant/inhibitor treatments, failures and or claims of miss-selling practices relating to warranty policies.

  • Premature breakdown/wear investigations (performance and longevity failures)

  • Abrasion resilience testing

  • Tear/strength testing


Upholstery fabric performance and soiling complaint testing:

British Standards Inspections testing services are offered for a comprehensive scope of material types and performance functioning including LD, GD, HD, GC and SC goods.


Professional cleaning and protection treatments can prolong the lifespan of your upholstered assets. That said, as in any other discipline, there are a great many unprofessional businesses in every town and city throughout the UK who offer such services. It is a frustrating inevitability that a percentage of these untrained, uncertified and all too often uninsured operators will damage the items they are treating, often permanently. We offer a professional post-cleaning complaints investigation that serves to fact find and determine through physical and chemistry orientated examinations the exact cause of the damage (colour loss/bleeding and or rapid re-soiling complaint).


Our reports are completely unbiased and serve to establish the facts. 

Additional investigative laboratory testing, the preparation of evidence for court proceedings and court appearances are charged independently and are in addition to the initial on-site Inspection cost.

All sampling procedures and associated tests are performed whilst adhering to the strict guidelines laid out by the BSI and other industry recognised bodies.


We are prepared to appear as an Expert Witness (witness of opinion and fact) in any ongoing disputes during arbitration and or County Court proceedings.


If desired, British Standards Inspections are prepared to assist in matters of arbitration, acting as an impartial mediation agent.

UK Service

Our professional upholstery fabric complaints Inspections / Investigations are offered throughout the UK and beyond, subject to agreement. Please view the terms and conditions laid out by British Standards Inspections.

British Standards Inspections offer full transparency.

Whether we are conducting a complaints investigation or offering advice through our consultation services we endeavour to make our clients aware at all times of any potential conflict of interest concerns. 

For purposes of clarification please be advised that we are an independent complaints consultancy named as British Standards Inspections and we have no affiliation with the BSI Group (British Standards Institution).

The BSI Group (British Standards Institution) is the national standards body of the United Kingdom.


Our testing procedures are carried out in accordance with the exacting standards established by the BSI Group ensuring that any testing carried out by ourselves is recognised and reliable.

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Please email us with your enquiry and provide us with a convenient time in which to call you back. Please allow between 20 - 40 minutes for the initial consultation.

tel:  01865 704 081 

      01869 347 450